Grow your Traffic, Convert Visitors and Track Your Funnel effortlessly with Marketing Automation

We Automate your marketing efforts and provide your audience seamless experience and convert them to leads and then as customers.

What is Marketing automation?

Marketing Automation is a digital marketing strategy that is used to automate repetitive tasks in real-time and it gives a personalized experience to the customers by monitoring, segmenting, and converting them efficiently and effectively.

Why Do You Need Marketing Automation?

The marketing and sales departments are in charge of converting prospects into loyal customers of most companies. These aren’t often present in small startups. And if teams exist, they are usually involved in a variety of marketing campaigns during the year.
As a result, they have little time to spend on innovating marketing efforts, which makes marketing tasks more challenging. Task automation with Marketing automation services allows you to save time by automating tasks. It also automates the reduction of service costs and the rise of lead nurturing.

Our marketing Automation service includes

Email Automation

With Email automation, you can segment, add tags and send personalised emails when that person meets a certain trigger.

Whatsapp Automation

With Whatsapp API Chatbot automation you can automate your sales, marketing and support funnel with Whatsapp CRM, Ecommerce store, personalized notification.

Messenger Automation

With Messenger Bot automation you can reach your customers, save time and money in customer care, identify and nurture leads, handle e-commerce transactions re-engage customers and many more

API Integration

Integrate your website with your CRM, Email Marketing software, chatbot or any other software with API integration

Facebook Ads Automation

By automating Facebook ads you can save significant time by removing the need for performance monitoring daily and increase your ROI.

Google Ads Automation

Maximize your clicks set an automated bid strategy, increase your visibility, get more conversions, meet a target ROAS and get more conversions while spending your budget with Google ads automation.

With Buzet Marketing Automation you can

  • Improve your conversion by 13%
  • Improve use engagement by 30%
  • 2x your marketing ROI
  • 20% increase in CLTV

Why Buzet

  • 18+ years of experience
  • served more than 1200 clients
  • known for delivery of useful and usable solutions
  • Growth-Driven Approach
  • Preventability
  • Certified Professionals
  • User-Centric Design
  • Customer Experience

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