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What is full funnel marketing?

A full-funnel marketing strategy considers the entire 360-degree customer journey and attempts to nurture relationships and build better brand experiences.

The latest reports show that 88.05 % of online shopping orders worldwide did not convert into a purchase. One of the reasons for this is that many marketers still focus on a sales-heavy marketing strategy and  The brands that do better are the ones who implement a full-funnel marketing strategy.

The 3 strategy of funnel marketing


After successfully creating awareness in this stage people will dive deeper into your marketing funnel.


At this stage, people know about your existence and that you offer a product or service of interest.


This is the critical point where your prospects take decision if they will buy the product or not

Get top of the funnel with awareness phase

Consumers are still trying to figure out what their problem is and what solutions are available at this time. However, product or service recognition isn’t just about attracting new customers; it’s also about maintaining a partnership with those who learn about your brand.  

This can be done by using online marketing tactics such as informational videos, content marketing, fb awareness ads, video views, link click campaigns, google search ads, lead magnets.

Using personalization to drive conversion in consideration phase

Consumers will already be familiar with your brand during the consideration process. As a result, now it’s your chance to impress them by giving them a highly personalised experience. 

This can be achieved by Paid search, Facebook landing page traffic, Google search ads, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Focus on high value conversions to scale

By focusing on high value on conversion you can increase the ROAS for your business by automating your bid strategy, towards return on ad spend.

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