Full Funnel Marketing For Career counseling company

Full Funnel Marketing For Career counseling company

Career counseling company providing career counseling services to school & college students on selecting and planning their career


To increase more brand awareness across India and get leads and sales for their career counseling services

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
A 3 step strategy was used to increase brand awareness and get more leads & sales for their career counseling services

Step #1 – Top of the funnel:
Create a social media marketing plan for Facebook and Instagram creating content that are targeted towards parents of school students and also towards school & college students.

The topics selected for the social media plan are broad content making people aware of things like what is career counseling, how it can help their child, why is it important etc.

Step #2 – Middle of the funnel:
In this step we use the same social media plan but this time also add content about the career counseling company and how it can help students plan their career, the type of services provided by the career counseling company.

The goal here is to make people now aware of the brand & how it can help in career selection for their child

Step #3 – Bottom of the funnel:
At the bottom of the funnel, we directly promote our services and ask people to avail our services. This is done in 2 ways
Create landing page of the service they provide using HTML page builders and collect leads of interested people
Create and run ads asking people who are interested in career counseling to avail of our services by filling up the form in the landing page


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