5X+ ROAS for your Ecommerce business

5X+ ROAS for your Ecommerce business

How we got from 0 sales to 700+ sales with avg ROAS of 5.2+ in 1.5 months generating a revenue of 11 lac+ with an ad spend of just 2.1 lac for a new eCommerce brand

Overall end results –

Revenue – 1118510
Cost – 212357
Overall ROAS – 5.267 (5.3)

Goal – To make a profit through paid channels of a new e-commerce store selling natural products

What We Planned And Why –

For driving in sales for a new Ecom brand, we followed this process

  1. Train the pixel – To gain traction in order to find the right people at the right time
  2. Make the ads engaging – We used super High-quality graphics which showcased the product as
  3. Use highly optimized ad copies – To make it relevant and engaging to the ideal customer
  4. Laser targeted audience – We showed our ads only to the most prospective buyer based on the persona we made

The most essential part for Ecom is data. We knew we cant target just high profit in the beginning. We had to train the pixel to find the right people at the right time

1. Single product category wise campaign

We launched a category wise campaign for the products – Namely Hair Care, Face care, Oral care, and body care

Each campaign had a separate ad for each of the products. Our campaign worked slowly in the beginning but started bringing in sales within 2-3 days

Within a week, we had a sufficient amount of sales with a ROAS of 2.52

2. Catalogue ads

Now, the pixel had enough data to reach our ideal audience. So we started with dynamic catalogue ads with a broad audience which we ran for more than a month
We didn’t want to restrict the pixel. Therefore we went for a broader audience and let Facebook ML do its job

Within no time we started getting ROAS of 6+ which led us to an overall profit of more than 9 lacs

“Make MORE spending LESS with high ROAS”
“Run your highly profitable eCommerce business”


ROAS – 5.26

“Get constant results with low CPC”

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