Case Study Of 100+ Conversion In 200$ Ad Budget

Case Study Of 100+ Conversion In 200$ Ad Budget

At Buzet India we love challenges and we face them each and every day sometimes we face failure but more than 90% we conquer the difficulties to deliver the desired result to our clients.

One of the such challenge came to our team where an Highly recognized coaching institution from Mumbai approached us with a test budget of 1K $ and we had a limited 6 days to get 100 student in a seminar.

The main challenge during the campaign was the time constrain.We had to design campaign, train the sales team, automate the process etc.

We started with a lead campaign and then parallel to that were event campaign and awareness campaign running simultaneously.We were successful in generating 214 leads in 4 days and then we started a strong sales followup.

There were automated Email sequence, WhatsApp API followup, SMS sequence, Retargetting ads etc.

And then the day of result came up we required a minimum 60+ students at the seminar location and by our efforts we were successful in getting more than 100+ students at the seminar location.We had a 50% conversion rate for the seminar.

The seminar was housefull event for our client with more than desired audience at the location. The starting ticket size for per student was 35K+ exceeding upto 80K.

As said before this was just an test campaign to mandate our capabilities. Though we had $ 1K+ budget our spend for ads was $200 and automation cost 100$

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